Photography Competition Details

20th Girimitra Sammelan Photography Competition begins on 25th of April 2023 and ends on 25th June 2023, at 11.59 pm (IST).

Last Date for accepting entries: 25th of June 2023 (till 11:59 PM IST)

Exhibition Date: 8th & 9th July, 2023

  1. Entry to the competition is open only for all Indian citizens
  2. No entry fees for the competition
  3. Winners will get to attend only the photography competition award ceremony (from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm of 9th July 2023) at no cost. If the entrant desires to attend the entire Girimitra Sammelan event then he/she has to obtain a donor pass

Competition Themes:
  1. Mountain Adventurers - Over the last few years, adventure has turned into a lifestyle and passion for many In India. The photos accepted under this theme may include trekking, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking etc.
  2. Beauty of Mountain Landscapes - The photos accepted under this theme may include any mountain landscapes (ideally no humans in the frame)
  3. Human Life In The Mountains - Photographs of the natives, including adivasis/tribal or any locals (indulging in their activities) will be accepted under this theme

  1. size: maximum dimention should not exceed 18 inches (example: 12x18 or 18x12), File Format: JPEG or JPG, Resolution: 300 dpi
  2. No watermarking or digital matter should appear on the photograph
  3. Photographer's name should not be visible on images (every effort is made to judge entries based solely on the image and without distractions)
  4. Captions or text should be provided in the entry form only
  5. Borders not allowed.

How to enter the competition?
  1. Each entry consists of a duly filled entry form and the images. The entry form consists of 3 sections as per competition theme. Please use the entry form link given below.
  2. Complete the entry form with the required information such as your name, mobile number, email address, respective captions and location of the photo
  3. Image File name must be your full name followed by serial number for each theme.
    Example: abcd 1 / abcd 2 / abcd 3
  4. Maximum of 3 entries per theme can be submitted by each participant.

For further details, please contact:

Pranit Gawand: 8888463405

Rajas Deshpande: 9930990300


Competition Entry Form: Click here

Competition Rules & Regulations: Click here