Sammelan Themes

Although Girimitra Sammelan started in 2002 it was held with the objective of bringing the mountaineering fraternity on a common platform. In the first couple of years the nature of the Sammelan consisted of various lectures, presentations etc. but from the third year, a central theme concept came into existance. Various panel discussions, presentations etc. based on the central theme started taking place. Thus began the documentation of various topics.

During the decade of 1960, the seeds of mountaineering were sown in Maharashtra. In the forth year, the central theme for Girimitra Sammelan was "Maharashtra's 50 years of Mountaineering". This enabled us to document various climbs in Sahyadri and Himalayas and other significant developments in the field of mountaineering in Maharashtra. Later events had themes such as "Mountaineering and Women", "Social and Institutional aspects of Mountaineering". Although there is a central theme for the Sammelan each year, it is presented in various forms.

Here, we present a few important documented central themes, from the past 18 years.