Girimitra Sammelan 2022

9th and 10th July 2022
Saturday and Sunday

Maharashtra Seva Sangh
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai 400080.

Phone: +91-22-25681631

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Being organized since the year 2002, Girimitra Sammelan has been attended by world-class Mountaineers, Climbers and other eminent personalities, not only from India but from other parts of the world too including New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Singapore, Nepal and so on. The event is attended enthusiastically by about a thousand adventure lovers. The sessions consist of award presentation, discussions/interviews, film shows, photo exhibition and other exciting activities.

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  Girimitra Sammelan 2022 - Latest News

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Central theme of this year's Girimitra Sammelan is Transitions in Mountaineering.

Study-based Presentation, Photography, Film and Trekkers' Blog Competition announced. Visit Competitions Information page to know details and download entry form.

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Rock Climbing & Himalayan Expedition Information Collection

We are collecting information about Rock Climbing expeditions & Himalayan expedition details from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2022.

For any queries, please feel free to call Prakash Walvekar on +91-9821194373 or send him an email.

Please note that the last date to submit the details is 30th June 2022.

Social Initiatives carried out by Mountaineering Organisations

Collection of information regarding Help and Relief Work carried out during recent period of Corona Pandemic and Natural Disasters

Lot of mountaineering organisations, clubs and various social groups carried our help, rescue and relief work during the recent devastation caused by floods, cyclones and other natural calamities. This information will be compiled and presented during Girimitra Sammelan 2022. Please provide the information in the given Google Form before 30th June 2022.

For more information, please contact Priti Patel on 9987990300 or Rahul Meshram on 9833394047

Central Theme - "Transitions in Mountaineering" (गिर्यारोहणातील स्थित्यंतरे)

Greeting friends, we are connecting with you after a gap of three years. During the COVID-19 pandemic we were still connected but we all missed being at Girimitra Sammelan. All of us, for the past 18 years, have been setting aside a weekend in the monsoon for the same. This streak was broken due to COVID-19 pandemic. All of us have experienced a lot of changes that happened around us during that phase.

There's a saying, "Change is the only constant in life". We all have experienced the changes in our journey through evolution and civilisation. Some changes are natural and some are man-made. Mountaineering is no exception to that. In the earlier days, mountaineering happened through routine work, trade and commerce, wars and even pilgrimages. Around the middle of the 20th century mountaineering transformed into an adventure sport.

Quite a few changes have taken place especially in the pristine environment that we mountaineers often find solace. Science and technology has had profound effect on the way mountaineering is done today. Adventure tourism emerged on the horizon as a part of the transitions and so did commercial mountaineering expeditions.

We owe it to ourselves to take a pause and analyse all the transformation going on around us, especially in the mountaineering field. It is worth to check where we stand today and the direction that we are following, which brings us to the central theme of this year's Girimitra Sammelan, "Transitions in Mountaineering".

Certainly time will tell how these Transitions have affected us but we certainly need to analyse and document these changes in an attempt to see the direction where we are headed.

Honorable Guests

Brig. Ashok Abbey

Brig. (Retd.) Ashok Abbey

Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Ex-President
Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Ex-Principal

Dr. Harshwanti Bisht

Dr. Harshwanti Bisht

Indian Mountaineering Foundation, President


Glimpses of Girimitra Sammelan 2019  (View all photos here)

  • Photo 1

    Distinguished Guests and Invited Speakers

  • Photo 2

    Mr. Harish Kapadia being felicitated

  • Photo 3

    Mr. Anil Kakodkar being felicitated

  • Photo 4

    Mr. John Porter being felicitated

  • Photo 5

    Girimitra Sammelan audience

  • Photo 6

    Girimitra Sammelan Volunteers

  Girimitra Awards

In the words of revered Mountaineer Mr. Sharad Owalekar the award is more of an appreciation from my mountaineer friends than just an award. Felicitation of a mountaineer by mountaineers!.



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